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Hot Topic: Carrillo’s arrest

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 | Posted by

The West County learned that its elected supervisor, Erfren Carrill, had been arrested for attempted burglary after wearing only his socks and undershorts he attempted to enter a woman’s home through her bedroom window. Police said he was inebriated at the time of the arrest. Carrillo is popular, showing up at almost every community event all over the fifth district.  We asked some residents what they thought of the situation and what they thought of Carrillo’s political future.

“It’s really sad. We really don’t know what happened, but it doesn’t look good. I don’t know about his political future.” Mary Gaffney, Occidental.

“Alcohol is no excuse for what he did. It’s humiliating for him. If I had been that woman I’d have died. There are so many crazies out there – you don’t expect your supervisor to be one of them. His political future is very troubled.” Dawn Griffin, Sebastopol.

“The whole thing seems strange, just plain weird. It doesn’t add up. This is something different from an alcoholic situation. I don’t know about his political future. He is popular and would show up for events.” Robin Beeman, Sebastopol.

“He has to resign.  We need a supervisor and I don’t see how he could be effective for the next year. “ Rosie Snyder, Occidental.

“He is human. He’s checking into rehab and hope it does him good. I didn’t like his political past – a little corporate, so don’t know what his political future will be. “ T.  Thomas, Monte Rio.

“He’s been hanging out in the west county too long – got himself an alcohol problem. If I had been the woman I’d have been terrified and glad that I had a big dog. It’s hard to tell about his future. What I care about is what a politician does for us, not his personal life.” Melissa Stubbs,  Cazadero.

“If Eliot Spitzer can come back I guess Carrillo can have a political future. None of us can have an opinion unless we are in the jury box.” Cameron Murray, Bodega.

“I am dumbfounded by the stupidity of elected officials. I don’t understand it. He has destroyed public confidence. Everyone needs a private life, but he made his as non-private as it can be. I’m shocked. I shouldn’t be, but I still am.”  Mitchell Holloway, Sebastopol.

  • Aaron

    Maybe somebody can answer this question?
    I see a lot of articles regarding Mr Carillo and his troubles BUT what is going on with the daily buisness of our BOS.I read an article regarding a camp ground in gurneville that has to bring up some issues with the property being postponed till Mr carillo returns.So is all work done by OUR supervisors put on hold till this is resolved?If so I have a real problem with this since we are paying them to do the job and its not getting done.
    Thanks for any feedback.

  • Callie

    “If Eliot Spitzer can come back I guess Carrillo can have a political future. None of us can have an opinion unless we are in the jury box.” Cameron Murray, Bodega.

    I completely disagree with the above statement. WE the people do have a say without being in the Jury box. We can demand his resignation. And we should.

  • C.Y.

    This behavior reminds me of a young Bill Clinton also a sexual predator yet he ended up president of the U.S. The public is so gullible to fall for these aggressive and self centered characters. Heck if Clinton can do it why not Efrem? Not only in good company with Clinton but also Spitzer and Weiner just to name a few.

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